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You have many good reasons to choose
Hermes Rental Malia

  • Excellent and safe cars
  • Frequent car and tire checks
  • Excellent and friendly support
  • Cleanliness & Comfort
  • Free amenities
  • Free delivery & collect
  • All taxes & VAT
  • Excellent prices all year round
  • 24h Roadside assistance


– The car can be operated ONLY by the renter and the second driver if is authorized in this agreement.

– One day rental is 9:00 till 9:00 the next morning. In case of delay extra hour is charged 10$.

– Gasoline is paid by the customer. Also the renter have the responsibility to bring back the car in the same level of gasoline as was that at the beginning of the rental.

– The vehicle cannot be taken outside Crete or carried to a Greek island without prior written permission of owner.

– Money can only returned 15 days before rental.

– Driving the car in none asphalt roads is forbidden, and insurance will not cover any kind of damages. Also tires are not covers by any insurance

– All kind of traffic fines including any law violation and illegal parking are paid by the rental.

– The renter is responsible for the proper and safe operation of the car.

– Losing or destroying any kind of car accessories is not covered by any insurance. Losing or breaking the car key is not covered by any insurance. In both of the above cases renter is surcharged by the cost of replacement.

– If the company considers that the terms and conditions of the agreement are violated has the right to collect the car immediately. Especially in case of dangerous operation of the car, has the right to claim for compensation.

– In case of accident, renter must contact our Rental Company or police immediately. If no so, the insurance will refuse any compensation.


Condition and terms

1) In the case of accident or fault to the bike you must report the company within 2 hours.
2) If the key is lost at the same time as the bike the renter will not be covered by any insurance.
3) Should the bike be damaged by any wrong operate (stunts, racing, e.t.c) you will not covered by any insurance
4) The costumer is liable for all traffic violations.

The insurance not cover the following:

1) Those under influence of alcohol
2) Off road driving
3) Maintenance by any other person than the renter
4) Client is not covered if he insists to drive with flat tire.
5) The insurance only covers the person(s) named of the contract
6) The insurance does not cover Helmets or keys.

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